An amish airport

This is truly amish and awesome

Amish Aiplane

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44 Responses to “An amish airport”

  1. Nein Juden Says:

    I’m half Amish and I don’t get it. Why would you make fun of people just to hurt their feelings. That’s what the jews like to do. We can always have more jew jokes, and less of them.

  2. Adolf Says:

    Nein Juden – f*** you nigga 😀

  3. Adolf Says:

    so can I make at least joke about your jewish mom b**** 🙂

  4. Jebediah Says:

    I do not find any humor in such insolence… Hope you care content with your rude humor, but at the end we will be the last ones laughing.

  5. Rebekah Says:

    I do not think this funny at all… I am Amish and I actually find it very insulting… but if you wish to do it, then so be it…

    • A_Normal_Person_Who_Isn't_Afraid_Of_Lightbulbs Says:

      if you WERE Amish, then how could you be using a COMPUTER?!?
      Hmm? I smell a LIAR!

  6. bob Says:

    iv got a gf whos amish she well lovly

  7. bob Says:

    i changed my mind i hate her loads!!!!!

  8. Beki Ann Says:

    children, put the claws away……..

  9. Jacob Says:


  10. asian Says:

    funny stuff

  11. Leah Says:

    i actually was joke

  12. Leah Says:

    p.s. i find this picture extremely funny

  13. brkajoac Says:

    if you were amish you wouldnt have a computer! you dumbass

  14. jkerhion Says:

    yeah what brkajoac said. yall are fuckin dumbasses. you would not be on this site if you were maish becuase yall dont believe in electricty. be smater then the no amish bitches!!!

  15. jdsakljk Says:

    Wtf do you amish people have a computer??

  16. max Says:

    HAHAHA AMISH I’m not amish and I think this is damn funny.


  17. phillipe caron Says:

    well im doing a project on amish people and there are too different kinds you guys one does not use cars or electricity and the others do meaning that they could have computers, also between the age of 16 and 21 they are allowed to leave there village and exprience the world.

    phillipe caron

  18. Isabelle Says:

    you guys are so funny!!
    but I have a COOL comnutity in AFRICA..
    and my rabbis let me leave the village to milk cows!!!!!!!
    with my FLYING SAUCER!!!!
    i am so PRIVILEDGED!!!
    i feel SORRY
    for all you OTHERS AMISH PEOPLE.
    you dont KNOW what its like to milk COWS outside the VILLAGE!!
    there are also women who help me in this job.

  19. zztopmasta Says:

    you get to leave the village you lucky child i wish i could leave and be FREE!!

  20. what do we do Says:

    ya well Amish people are not very attractive ( no onffence mom )

  21. barry Says:

    i want to be amish this world doing my nut in lol i want a plane life HELP

  22. fuck you Says:

    this is super fuckin mean!

  23. IN NEED A HAND Says:

    hi there
    i need a hand . . .
    im doing a project on the Amish people
    if you are Amish pls get hold on me!asap
    its about sud-cultur to become an Amish for a week
    so any help will rock!

    this is no joke
    thank you!!
    ok pls mail me on
    pls no junkmail ;-]

  24. ryan Says:

    amish people are dumb because they think there hores can fly but they cant fly u dumbass

  25. asdfjkl; Says:

    y r so many people goin, im amish. this is insulting? amish people cant use computers

  26. becca Says:

    first and second comment. f*** you. im jewish and ur fucking ridiculous. im doing a ten page essay on amish ppl right this minute and i dont feel the need for people to make fun of them. they are who they were born to be, and at least they aren;t as waste of life as the rest of us americans. id love to be amish fro like a week and see how it is. any amish villages accept that lol?

  27. amish haters Says:

    the guys who r saying your amish r so freakin gay !!!!!!!!!!!!!your not allowed to use electonics ass holes!!!! you guys r liers amish liers

  28. Miss Heather Says:

    umm…yeah, If some people weren’t so ignorant, they would know amish people of certain ages can use electronics,i think is like a right of passage thing? What’s wrong with being Amish? NOTHING! I think its honorable. Everyone laughs but we’re the dumb asses who can’t live without cell phones and ipods! it’s way rediculous. What the hell would we do if we didnt have technology? We’d die and they’d laugh at our stupid asses. I’m an activities director and all my residents are super excited to learn about Amish life for our Discover Ohio day. I’m sure ill get nasty emails but if anyone has some intelligent input on the subject for my project my mail is

  29. Christine Says:

    much funny! ¬¬

    I don’t understand this image. :S
    I read a book of Amish childeren 🙂

  30. Christine Says:


  31. billybob Says:

    these dumbasses are ignorant holy fuck they take rubber off a brand new tractor and put a steel and metal mixuture. wtf. they can use tractors but cant drive them. where i live the people that taxi them idiots around get used the get low pay and they use the fuck out of them calling a midnite to got to wal mart get a fucking car you dumb motherfuckers. or walk its part of your fucking religon. no car for you. they just dont make any sence at all if they cut a tree down for me of anyone the pile the limbs up on the nearest fence and leave them there for weeks that expect full pay. MY ASS u smelly hoes

  32. billybob Says:

    oh to the picture the man says “work you fucking bitches!!!!” yah! oh and i know a guy he calls them the lowest form of nigger no offence black people but they are just so dumb

  33. Oli Says:

    Some of you say that your amish. If this is really true, Why are you using a computer?

  34. GAYNOR Says:


  35. christine Says:

    Gaynor you’re right ! I’m french but even with my poor english I can’t believe it ! What an awfull spelling !

  36. Way Above U Says:

    WOW!!! You know what? I cannot spend another moment on this. It never ceases to amaze me the stupidity of you people and the ones you hang with.
    If you are all supposed to be so stinking smart, why do you not pick up a dictionary now and then? How can you spell like a third grader from a third world country and expect ANYone to begin to respect you?
    AND you morons that cannot tell the difference between to, too, and two should just be shot and thrown in a ditch. Take an english class to go with all the rest of your stupid college classes. Or go stand by a ditch phillipe caron.
    AND, this is NOT funny at all. It is a stupid attempt of some other moron who thinks he is funny because he likes to poke MEAN fun at a group of people who don’t even have the technology (by choice I might add) to view the corrupted, twisted, demented, type of …. well it isn’t humor so I don’t know what you would call this crap.
    So, if you cannot respect someone for their religious beliefs, their personal beliefs, or for just being themselves, get out your sharp stick and start in being the kind of ass you really show yourselves to be.
    No, in case you wonder dumbo, I am NOT Amish (ps…that is how you spell it NOT maish like that poor ignorant soul, jkerhion, who apparently got his hands on the wrong keys when he went to type his name…something like maybe jerking, jerkingon, or something???)
    OH YES. While I am at it…. Amish is a proper noun. I know most of you don’t get that so I will break it down for you…. push the little button that says “shift” on it when you start typing the word Amish. That is because it is the NAME of a person or people. Bozo. See, that is you, Bozo, and I capitalized your name (as a people of course).
    Yes, GAYNOR, you are entirely correct. These refugees from Appalachia need their 2nd grade spelling primers next to the computer so they can get the big words like “run, fast, home” and after a few more years we should maybe get them a 3rd grade primer. TOO bad we can’t set their computers remotely so they couldn’t get on the same pages as people that actually graduated from high school.
    Well, I grow weary of having my brain sucked out of my head while I try to educate an entire race-set of people who spend their entire existence writing about people they have never met, much less understand, and yet they say they hate them? How? I doubt very much one of them has ever married your retarded sister, raped your father, or got the best of you in a business deal (well, that wouldn’t be too hard, would it?). So if you have never even met someone, how can you even dislike them? I have met many people of many races and cultures in my lifetime. Yes, there are some I would not invite to my house for dinner, but some of these people are just like you or me… they just are spending the time they have on Earth just getting by the best they know how, without hurting, maiming, or murdering anyone.
    Get a life Bozos. Get a library card and get off the computer. PLEASE.

  37. Way Above You Says:

    Well it would appear that the user “Way Above U” is way above us along with his proper nouns such as “english.” Wait one second. Is “English” not a capitalized proper noun? I guess he isn’t that high above us any more.

  38. lala Says:

    if u r amish and posted on her you are breaking the amish law by using electronics

  39. w34p0nx Says:

    I don’t know what the big effing deal is. I’m Chinese, and jokes poking fun at Chinese people crack me up. If you are confident about who you are, there isn’t an amount nor a degree of jokes targetting your race or culture that should shake you or offend you enough to really upset you. Accept the fun, then you can make fun of others.

    There are a few cultures in the world right now that shold heed this lesson. Certain Amish, certain Arabs, certain Jews, etc etc. Learn to take a joke, and be confident of who you are.

  40. Ian Says:

    Hahaha! Very funny!

    I agree though, the true Amish wouldn’t be allowed to comment on here because they cannot use computers.

  41. Hsima Says:

    I really really am amish

  42. Elaine Hunter Says:

    One fact : The Amish have 0 divorce rate.

    Second fact: The Amish avoid technical inventions because because knowing there is two sides to everything they dont want to blindly use an item all the while they would be blindly exposing their beloved families to to some very negative things that sometimes havent even been learnt yet. Their families and other people in the community are valued. Making a lot of money can be negative if it breaks up the family or causes discord.

  43. eunice Says:

    si los amish se sinten bien haciendo algo bueno, no veo por que bulrlarlos, merecen mi respeto, no los creo locos, es mas bien una locur tantas cosas malas que hacemos sabiendo que estan mal. Si ellos tienen paz, alegría y se aman como Cristo nos mandó con toda pureza, burlarlos es como golpear a quien no te va a devolver el golpe, algo poco valinete.

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