Why do people sign up for Myspace.

MySpace is popular because of peer pressure, people want to be cool and they think MySpace will do that.  If someone has 20 friends on MySpace chances are that they will join.  If someone has 20 friends on FaceBook then they are more likely to join FaceBook.  But after a while people get bored they have better things to do, maybe study or work, but occasionally they still log on to seem like they are there with everyone else.  Thats why people join online social networks like myspace.

One Response to “Why do people sign up for Myspace.”

  1. Lindsey Says:

    This may be true in some ways, but it equally may not be true for some people. I don’t have a myspace yet, but am very interested in setting one up. I ski race, so I travel all over the world to different events. I think it’s great to have a little place to share with others your true personality and basically show what you do, what your interests are, etc. Being a teenager, I believe that it’s a great way to express yourself. For some people, self-expression is a piece of cake, for kids in drama club, or on the debate team, but for those who are more timid, self-expression is definitely tougher. Myspace gives you an oppurtunity to show who you are on the inside without having to be standing, shaking, in the middle of a grand stage giving a speech. Basically, this topic gives me something to both agree and disagree about.

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