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Our World: India blames militants for bloody bombings

August 26, 2007

Hyderabad – Indian security forces launched a manhunt on Sunday for those behind twin bombings in the southern city of Hyderabad that killed 42 people, with some officials blaming Islamic militants.More than 50 others were injured in the blasts late on Saturday, which ripped through a packed street eatery in this mixed Hindu-Muslim city and an outdoor amusement park auditorium where hundreds were watching a sound and light show.

Federal authorities deployed paramilitary forces to the city, the capital of Andhra Pradesh state, to ensure ethnic tensions did not flare up following the near-simultaneous attacks, for which no one has yet claimed responsibility.

“The death toll now is 42. More than 50 people are being treated in various hospitals,” the state’s home minister K. Jana Reddy told reporters.

‘I saw limbs flying around me’

“The victims are from all sections of society – they included Hindus and Muslims,” chief minister Y.S. Rajshekhar Reddy said.

More than a dozen of the wounded were in serious condition.

“One terrorist group or the other, which is bent on destroying the unity of the country, is certainly involved,” said Sriprakash Jaiswal, India’s minister of state for home.

Reddy said “available information” pointed to the involvement of terrorist organisations based in neighbouring Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The chief minister hinted that those behind the blasts were linked to a deadly bombing three months ago at the 17th-century Mecca Mosque in the city of 6.5 million people, 40 percent of whom are Muslim.

Eleven people were killed in the attack. No one has claimed responsibility, although several people have been detained over their alleged role.

“Maybe same organisations or sister organisations” are involved, Reddy told CNN-IBN television. “There is some definite link.”

“We have launched a manhunt for those who committed this dastardly crime,” Hyderabad police chief Balwinder Singh said.

India’s federal home minister Shivraj Patil revealed that authorities had “bits of information” before Saturday that an attack was being planned, but they did not know a “time and place.” He declined to blame Islamic militants.

Security was beefed up here Sunday, as 10 000 Hindu weddings were planned on what is seen as an auspicious day, police said. Police had located another bomb in a cinema on Saturday and defused it before it exploded.

Forensic experts were also dispatched to aid local efforts to trace the culprits.

On Saturday, rescue workers carried out bodies burnt beyond recognition at the popular eatery. At the auditorium, severed arms and legs lay scattered around.

“I saw limbs flying around me and blood splattering,” 29-year-old Romanna, who goes by one name, told AFP as she waited for help for a chest wound outside the amusement park.

There was chaos at the city’s main Osmania hospital as wailing relatives thronged the hallways, searching for their missing loved ones.

After an emergency cabinet meeting, Reddy announced compensation of 500 000 rupees for families of those killed.

India has suffered a series of recent blasts that authorities have blamed on Islamic militants seeking to upset a peace process between India and Pakistan and stir Hindu-Muslim violence.

“We’re seeing a pattern of attacks every two to three months somewhere or other in the country on soft targets,” said Ajai Sahni, head of the New Delhi-based Institute for Conflict Management.

In the deadliest, seven blasts on the rail network in the country’s financial hub Mumbai killed 186 people in July 2006.

Indian authorities say they believe Pakistan-based guerrilla groups fighting its rule in Indian Kashmir are using Indian Muslim militants to stage attacks.

The attacks “appear to be linked to what we call Pakistan-backed Islamic terrorist groups,” said analyst Sahni. Pakistan, which has fought two wars over Kashmir with India, routinely denies any involvement in attacks on Indian soil.

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The Fire: Web 2.0

August 26, 2007

This is a pretty cool video on YouTube about Web 2.0.  We are web 2.0.

Here it is:

Daily Nerd: Console Sales Overall

August 26, 2007

Thats right the Wii is now winning.  But for how long?

Two years ago, very few analysts would have predicted the Nintendo Wii would be market leader this generation against the established Playstation and Xbox brands.

Scientific Report: Huge Hole in Universe what is it?

August 26, 2007

Recently scientists have found a huge hole of nothing in the universe.  It literally contains nothing not even dark matter and it is huge thousands of times bigger than any other void.  Scientists are wondering if it could be where the universe was created, but many say thats impossible.  It is located 6-10 billion ligt years from earth. Read Below.

 Unexpected results baffle our understanding of the universe

Astronomers have found a giant “hole” in the universe that measures nearly a billion light-year across. The large galactic void is empty of galaxies, stars, dust clouds and, oddly enough, even dark matter. The discovery has left scientists clambering for a plausible explanation, however, as of right now one hasn’t arisen. Scientists claim that a galactic void this large is far from a normal occurrence.

The region was intially discovered by NASA’s Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) Satellite. At that time, scientists had no idea that it would turn out to be a giant space void.

The WMAP satellite measures the temperature of cosmic microwave background radiation (CMB) over the entire sky. CMB radiation is a form of electromagnetic radiation that fills the entire universe and can be detected in all regions of space. This radiation is remnant heat from the Big Bang and is very cold, measuring just 2.725° above absolute zero.

On the map of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) radiation produced by the WMAP satellite, the void came up as a cold spot. Since the temperature of CMB radiation is quite uniform in all of space, scientists already knew there was something special about the region.  Lead researcher Lawrence Rudnick of the University of Minnesota said “we already knew there was something different about this spot.” Due to its cooler appearance on the CMB Map, the void was dubbed the “WMAP Cold Spot.”

Further inspection of the hole was made using the Very Large Array (VLA) radio telescope funded by the National Science Foundation, after which it was discovered by University of Minnesota researchers that the cold spot is devoid of nearly all forms of matter. Many galactic voids exist in space, however, the WMAP Cold Spot Void is an especially unique occurrence considering that it is nearly 1,000 times larger than any other observed void.

Rudnick refers to the results as “suprising.”

Also involved in the research of the region was Associate Professor Liliya Williams, who stated, “What we’ve found is not normal, based on either observational studies or on computer simulations of the large-scale evolution of the Universe”.

The void is roughly 6-10 billion light years from Earth, in the constellation Eridanus.

Funny Cat Pics

August 26, 2007

More Funny cats today

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My Report: A report about something I want

August 26, 2007

A new report on Saturdays and Fridays.  Can’t report now site maintenance starts soon.

Our World: A new idea

August 26, 2007

A new daily section about our world

Scientific Report: A new thing

August 26, 2007

A new daily science report section updated everyday

What do you want to see on this blog.

August 26, 2007

I am wanting to know what people would like to see on my blog.  It is only 7 days old and now getting very successfully.  Sometimes 1,000 views a day.  I was wondering what you would like to see on my blog.  I have noticed cat pictures are popular getting thousands of page views but I would like to report on more than cats and expand to a wider audience.  I have new sections like the Fire and  News for Geeks and I will be funneling my other blogs into this blog.  So please tell me what you would like to see.

PC game player: Daily Special

August 26, 2007
  1. BioShock experiencing problems.
  2. I need StarCraft 2
  3. New Crysis Trailer