How to Boost Blog Traffic:

On many blogs I have had traffic problems and I have learned quite a bit about blog traffic. Here’s what I have picked up.


When beginner’s start out their blogs, they often think that they will have regular readers after only a few posts. Thats not going to happen. A year ago I started a blog when I was a beginner thinking that was so. I posted many articles and couldn’t figure out why nobody was reading them. Later on I realized that you have to submit your blog to blog search engines in order for the blog to succeed.  You also need to establish a style of your own.

Blog Brand:

You need to establish a brand for your blog. Write in the way that you say things, talk about yourself. Everyone is different use that to your advantage. Have a colour scheme, it is important that everything is easy to read and colours aren’t too extreme. Write the way you were taught, if you are from Canada write like a Canadian, I do. Get your blog out, write well and people will come in time.


Keep writing, thats what search engines look for. People won’t keep coming to your blog if it is never updated, there is no point in coming back to a site to read something you’ve seen before. I believe if you keep trying, eventually your blog will be successful.

Add to blog rings/ search engines:

This may be the most important thing to do: add your site to It is key, if you don’t write well or post your own content, you can still get traffic from  It’s a tool most bloggers use. Heres how to add your site: First sign up, then go to your profile and claim your blog.  Type in the information about your blog and use quick claim to claim it. Then if you use WordPress as your blogging platform (recommended), Technorati will automatically be notified of site updates (called a ping). Technorati will also rank sites.  They are unique in the way that they ranks blogs, every time another blog links to your blog your technorati authority goes up by 1. If 30,000 different blogs link to you your authority is high, 30,000. If your article is interesting, people will link. Some sites though have been successful in other ways, they find funny stuff and post it then others use this as a source for their blog content and they will link to it. There are many ways to publicize your blog and technorati is the best, if you submit to them eventually Google will get it too. Some other ideas are to add your site to feed burner and but submitting to them may take away time in which you could be writing.

After a Year:

After a year, you will have your own style of writing, your own standards and articles. Remember put your website address at the bottom of every post so that when people copy your articles they’re adding to your technorati authority. When you start getting around 150,000 readers a month it will be time to get your own domain. I recommend hosting on DreamHost, they are one of the best and they will install wordpress software for free. Once you have a domain you can start making money by putting ads on your site. You may be given the choice between a Windows server and a Linux server, it is important to choose Linux as it is more stable.

Join the Blogosphere:

You should be doing this all the time, everyday commenting on other blogs in the same category as yours. This will gain your blog attention it deserves as well as make you are part of the global blogging community. Remember write quality and people in the Blogosphere will respect your opinion and your comments more. If you use wordpress, you can also track back to other sites. If people comment on your website you should respond to their comment, this helps your readers know you and you know your readers. Check your site stats, WordPress gives you this feature for free. Site stats tell you what posts are popular and what people search to get to your site, this help you get into the mind of the reader. Soon your blog is a respected part of the Blogging community.

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11 Responses to “How to Boost Blog Traffic:”

  1. moneyman1 Says:

    I am a novice blogger and find your advice very useful .

  2. Anurag Bansal Says:

    These days I am writing on the Blogging tips for my readers. You have also written quite well in the same perspective.

  3. Brian Says:

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  4. frank vitetta Says:

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    Not happy with Wordsfinder suggestions? You can add, remove, manipulate any keyword or tag. On the option page, bloggers would be able to limit the amount of tags retrieved by wordsfinder. Leaving them 100% in control.

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  5. Ontario Highway Traffic Act Says:

    Really good tips and ideas for bloggers. These are the methods for creating a highly successful blog online.

  6. Teck Says:

    Really great starting points for beginners thank you for sharing this

    here is a article i wrote up about gaining traffic to your site
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  7. alphainventions Says:

    If people didn’t give up so fast and did everything in this post then they would get a lot of traffic. It took me messing up a lot to figure that out.

  8. Kelly DuByne -Distinctive Interior Designs Says:

    Thank you for the excellent advice. I am pretty new to blogging, but working very hard on getting to know the ropes. Your suggestions will help. Thanks!

  9. braintrust3 Says:

    Thanks for the tips

  10. 90nizam Says:

    thank you!

  11. oneofhis Says:

    Very helpful tips. Thank you.

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