Is Stephen Colbert Jewish

No Stephen Colbert may have been from Jewish descent but 2000 years ago many Jewish people became Christians.  He’s not Jewish but his ancestors long ago probably were.

19 Responses to “Is Stephen Colbert Jewish”

  1. GoyBoy Says:

    Stephen Colbert is a Zionist Jew Working For the Mossad in Israel

  2. genman Says:

    Thank God he´s not a fuckin jew.

  3. Abdallah Maaruf Says:

    But Allah and Jesus are fucking Jews too !

  4. F Says:

    He is extremely selfish and anti Islamic and anti Christian. His episode on poverty and donation revealed it.

  5. wake up goyim Says:

    Do you honestly believe a 3rd rate comedian stooge would be winning and dinning with the president and the highest political leaders in the country if he wasnt a spook?

    Lets face it. He isnt even that funny. Out of 310million Americans.. THIS is the guy who is the funniest? I dont think so.

    Of course he is a Jew. Everyone in DC is Jew or working for Jews. The Bush Administration was the biggest Jewish Administration 2nd only to Obama’s.

    When our leaders repeat over and over “we have a special relationship with the state of Israel” What do you think that means?

    It means the Israeli’s fucking own us and tell us wtf to do.

    • Rebecca Says:

      Wow, this post is literally too stupid too insult. How about you go to 3rd grade and learn some fucking grammar…

      • plainview Says:

        awww poor baby got her panties in a bunch.. its O’tay little girl.. dont be mad because your NeoCon Jewish freaks have lost ALL power in America.

        its ooooooooo’tay

      • plainview Says:

        ever notice people who start out comments with the word ‘Wow’, tend to have absolutely nothing to say, and turn out to be the dumbest cunts in the thread?

        i see it all over the net… “wow” followed by their emotional driveling non-sense. haha!

        wowzer!… do you go around town being WOWed by everything?

        “Like, ‘omg wow! theres actually a guy over there pumping gas right now.. wow. Wow WOW WOWZER!!!”

        haha stfu bitch

  6. Jay Says:

    Diversity at it’s best. What warped humans we have become. I am republican and find this whole thing S T U P I D. GROW UP!

  7. carl melanson Says:

    If you look on the back of certain books, you’ll see a triangle and/or the three letters EAN. If you look it up, EAN stands for European Article Numbering, but in reality, if you make the connection from book to book, you’ll know that these symbols are only on the back of books written or translated by Jews. Also, if you read the books, some have coded messages. For example, in fingerprints of the gods, written by Graham Hancock, a Jew, on page 495, it talks about maintaining the essence of a cult, “like the Jews awaiting their messiah.” It also talks about highly “initiated” members of society who know of ancients secrets, carrying it forward in time until they are ready to declare themselves. Freemasons and Jews are in cahoots to establish a NWO. In the God Effect by Brian Clegg, a Jew, he uses a code word “DADDY” in reference to Sylvia Plath’s poem about the Jews in concentration camps. From book to book, you can decode this message and figure out what they are planning. I just hope these camps are for the Jews, not the rest of us.

  8. Pepe Lopez Says:

    He is Jewish! His has small eyes…typical of Jews…

  9. Cleo Says:

    No, originally Israelites had HUMONGOUS eyes like Sarah Michelle Gellar given their proximity to Africa. Some Jews might have Silk Road love match eyes but some Irish have squinty eyes too like David Cassidy. I don’t know why Stephen Colbert eyes are soooo BLACK though … could he really be Jewish!??? REALLY?

  10. PlainView Says:

    Uhh, Sarah Michelle Gellar is european, not African. Are you ok mentally?

    What the hell is “Silk Road love match eyes”? I think you’ve smoked too much before you logged on. And David Cassidy doesn’t have beady jewish eyes.. he has whats known as “smiling irish eyes”. Theres a HUGE difference. ffs where are you from?.

    Yes, Stephen Colbert is Jewish. Almost every hollywood entertainer, american media pundit or commentator is Jewish, or part Jewish. This is no ‘secrete’. And if anyone is ‘surprised’ or ‘wow’ed’ that this fact.. then they’re a complete oblivious moron who lives under a rock.

  11. russ hook Says:

    Ha ha I love it Plainview! You rock my world! I think we are related, b/c you talk so much like me. You can see through the IDIOT VALLEY GIRL BIMBOS like Rebecca, and the Lying Jews who monitor every forum, and spew their dis-info! But most importantly you are DEAD ON in your assessments about the PARASITE DEMONS!

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  15. Abram Says:

    I’m a white Anglo-Saxon Protestant, of predominant Scotch-Irish descent.

    That said, the only true Parasites in this beautiful country, the United States of America – are the Racists.

    White Supremacists make me sick, and don’t assume I don’t know about this group or that group – I’ve lived a very full life and I’ve been associated in every group you can think of, and have gotten to learn some truths about people.

    Jews in general are wonderful, compassionate, caring people – and many of them have suffered horrible deaths to protect America and all the freedoms that are available to you.

    A lot of my ilk, the Caucasian racists that populate this country are mentally-sick and cowardly. How many of you racists have fought for your country and sacrificed your time and blood for it?

    None of you.

    So you cowards that want to make up horrible lies about a group of people you nothing about, and attack that innocent girl that is just defending what she knows in her beautiful heart to be true, need to step off and grow some testicles – and let the MEN talk about what is important.
    – Go to a site for your own cowardly kind and discuss your idiotic rambling and racist ideology there.

  16. The King Says:

    AshkeNazi Jews are fake Khazar Jews. They got converted in 740AD by their King named Bulan, as they where Phallic worshippers at that time. Now they occupy Palestine believing they are descendant of Ibrahim!

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