Technology Update

Today is a great day or so it may be if the discovery I am telling you about isn’t a hoax(and it isn’t).

John Kanzius a scientist from Erie was testing his new experiment designed to treat cancer and while attempting to desalinate sea water using radio frequencies, he noticed hot red flashes in the salt water.  He decided to investigate an within a few days he had salt water burning like a candle in a test tube.  This sparked the interest and disbelief of other scientists, the possibilities were enormous.  Dr. Runtom Roy of Penn State University held a demonstration proving that indeed the science is sound and the experiment was not a hoax.  The radio frequencies weakened the bonds in the salt and water and the result: hydrogen was released.  Currently Mr. Kanzius and Dr. Roy are discussing this new discovery with the department of defense and energy to see what possible uses of the technology are and the efficiency.  If this went through, we would no longer have to use oil, our energy could be made from sea water.

So as you can see this is not a hoax!

Written by Ian

Words: 197

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