The Future of the Internet

Have you ever been on the internet and wondered what’s going to happen in it’s future.  Well even though the future cannot be told, it can be predicted and pretty well too.  So far the internet has been getting faster and faster every year.  More and more devices are being able to use the internet.  Internet applications have also been getting more and more advanced, there are now full word processors and gaming applications all online.  People are even turning to the internet to watch their favourite TV.  Millions now use VOIP instead of phones and email instead of standard mail.  These current technologies will continue to develop and advance.  Heres how it has been predicted that the internet will be by 2020:

  1.  The average home internet connection will have a speed of at least one gigabits per second.
  2. The internet will be accessible from anywhere.  Not just in cities but in the middle of the wilderness.
  3. Smaller devices will use the internet like their own hard drives.
  4. Many businesses will move towards the internet, it will become a new business platform more so than right now.
  5. People will use video immersion to connect to their companies over the internet and virtual offices will replace traditional offices.  People will work from home but still be able to see, and talk to their co-workers online.
  6. As I said earlier TV and Phone will be integrated into the internet.
  7. Everyone including poorer and older people will be able to have access to the internet and computers will be cheaper and more available.
  8. Web 2.0 will evolve into Web 3.0 then Web 4.0 the evolution will continue.
  9. Internet in video game will become standard and video gaming communities will be a new part of every gamers life.
  10. All information will be available to anyone and secrecy will become rare as people become more aware.
  11. Computers will get smaller and smaller, desktop computers will no longer be necessary, and computers will be found in almost every part of the standard home.
  12. CD’s DVDs and other methods of removable storage devices will become a thing of the past, everything will be from the internet.
  13. Books will be scanned and put online so you can watch everything on a small computer screen, paper will be used less and less.
  14. Movies on YouTube will be from around all of the world.  People from all over the world will be able to talk to each other and different cultures will get along, wars will be less prevelant.
  15. Programs like Microsoft word will allow anyone to publish a blog.  This is already happening.
  16. People will be more aware and the attempts by governments to censor the internet will fail because of it’s vital position in our future.

Those are only a few of the things that will happen on the internet in the near future.  The internet will evolve on and on and the world will change.   The internet may prove to be the biggest thing that humans have developed and the most important in our progression through time.  What do you think will happen to the internet?

Written by Ian

Words: 528

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