Stephen Colbert Update: New York Schools pay kids to get A’s

Yesterday night on the Stephen Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert interviewed the head of education in New York.  What could have been so cool about that?  Well the New York is testing a new program where they pay kids hundreds of dollars a year just to get A’s.  At first I was skeptical, but they tried it in Dallas and substantial results were produced.

Right now education is experiencing problems in America, hundreds of thousands of students are dropping out all over the place.  Students are bored and they aren’t paying attention to teachers.  But no ones trying to change that, people are too afraid to take risks.  Except for New York!  I look forward to seeing if their new program is a shining star of a flopping fish.  Yes a flopping fish (my new explanation).


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One Response to “Stephen Colbert Update: New York Schools pay kids to get A’s”

  1. Dave Minsch Says:

    In reference to “Program pays students for good grades, parents to get involved” ( Sept 15, 2008 By Deborah Feyerick
    CNN Correspondent International). I’d like an email contact for Paulette Wiley and New York Schools pay kids to get A’s.

    I have an “infra-structure for classroom” solution to partner with classrooms / schools that will create self-motivated, self-disciplined and self-accountable children. It can be added to the already existing program and if you want to pay children and parents, ok or if you do not, that’s ok as well.

    Once implemented it is effortless. It will reduce the work-load for teachers, adminsitrators, parents and community. It will reduce the cost of education and at the same time allow for increased teacher pay.

    Even the most challenged student (for whatever reason) will
    perform “beyond expectation”! Once conceptionally understood, one can easily see this is not rhetoric.

    Dave Minsch

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