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These are some of my favourite blogs, they are good, inspiring and personal.They are  Steave Pavlina and Revellian.  If you think you are worthy for my list, add a comment and I will survey your page.  I also add everyones site to my blogroll who comments.Here are my reasons as to why I like these two blogs the most.

  1. http://www.stevepavlina.com/  It is my favorite blog.  But not for everyone, it is Personal Development for Smart People.  It’s not just about blogging but about looking at yourself, your health, maturity and more.  Steve is a vegan and has been since 1997, he is colorblind and very well educated.  He is well rounded and has many traits (like 50 things listed).  He started his path to where he is today when he was sitting in a jail cell after being arrested for felony grand theft auto.  His life came crashing down on him.  As you can see, he holds no information back from you, he tells you his whole life’s story.  When released from jail, he was notified that he was expelled from school and he would have to give up or grow up, obviously he chose to grow up.  After that day, his life changed, he received a double major in computer sciences and mathematics, he ran a marathon and trained in martial arts.  As some may know, Martial arts is largely about purifying yourself and taking away things harmful to yourself like ego and some emotions. He is also passionate about teaching smart people who want to listen to his life story and things he has learned and continues to learn.  He has written about the law of attraction, how to give up an addiction and many more valued things.  His life has been very interesting, full of good and bad things he has learned over time.  Meaning he has quite a bit to share.  I recommend you look at his site maybe make it a favorite of yours too.  But first learn about Revellian.
  2. http://revellian.com/    My second favorite blog is the blog of Bobby Revell, he is a poet and an author currently writing an online horror story.  His site is about him, the wold as he sees it and other things important to humanity.  He is strongly against racism, he believes that his site and many other social networks are helping to combat racism, and purify humanity.  He is a guitarist and he also builds guitars.  Nowadays he includes blog tips for his friends in the blogosphere who need help establishing their blogs.  He spends much of his time blogging, I can tell that because I put a link on my site to his and he responded within a day.  He isn’t blogging to get rich, he is doing it to meet new people and learn new things.  His blog has won numerous awards, including awards for creativity, thought, inspiration, excellence and a star!  If you value knowledge and just want to read a good blog, visit his!
  3. I was going to put ProBlogger on my list, but after seeing these two sites, it doesn’t compare to them.  Also Revellian doesn’t like ProBlogger.  I guess it gets more attention than what it deserves.

Thanks zablog.wordpress.com written by IanWords: 550

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