Improve Yourself and Your Mind

People are always fighting, only a select few don’t.  It seems to be programmed into our brains to solve things by fighting.  But everyone is different and some people don’t fight.  Others can barely hold themselves back.  If you get angry and take it out on the ones around you, your situation is not unique.  Most people take out their anger on others when it get too built up, and often they are angry for stupid reasons in the first place.  People that get along assess themselves and look at themselves from another persons perspective.  This is how they better themselves.  My 5 steps to improving yourself are:

  1. Look back at yourself and your actions and watch other people:  You would be suprised at what happens that you don’t realize happens just when you are simply talking to other people.  If you have a good memory you should be able to remember every conversation you’ve had recently.  Look back at some of them.  When you are talking face to face, often the conversation happens so quickly that things just blurt out of your mouth.  Sometimes, you won’t even realize what you have done.  By looking at you mistakes, (for example making fun of someone, or talking about something that is offensive or harmful) you can train yourself not to do those things.  It will make you seem like a kinder person, people will enjoy your company more.  Aside from that, there is more you can do when looking back at yourself.  Look at your thoughts, are they entirely about you?  If they are that shows that you may not be thinking about others.  It is important to have an idea about how people think, it will help you understand more about yourself.  Watch the people around you, try to understand their personalities and the way that they think.
  2. Be cooperative: I hate it when people are uncooperative.  They are either lazy or just trying to be what they think is cool.  People don’t appreciate others being uncooperative it is annoying and makes most people angry.  They also don’t succeed in life, no one wants to be around or work with an uncooperative, lazy person it just isn’t fun.  As I have said before on another post, being motivated and outgoing are the main qualities of a successful person.
  3. Don’t try to be superior to other people: When people try to be the dominant person they are being too competitive.  Unless your in a competition, there is no reason to be competitive.  When you try to be cool, it shows.  Other people will see it too, you are born the way you are so don’t be an actor, improve your mind not your look!  Trying to be the best person around will take attention away from your goals to improve yourself.
  4. Help other people when they need help: You would be surprised at how satisfying it feels to help others.  It makes you happy to help others and those people will appreciate the help.  Don’t help people when they don’t need the help, this could irritate the person and take away their want to be around you.  Be kind to others and they will be kind to you too.  This may be one of the most basic things, if people like you, then you will be happier and it will help you on your goal to improve your mind.  On the other hand, if people like you too much it could boost your ego, which is not always good you may get too cocky.
  5. Be logical: Logic can change the way you think.  Your thoughts will be more stable, you will be able to make assessments and understand the world better than you do.  If you train your mind using logic your mind can be changed for the better.  Logical people aren’t racist, logical people don’t make stupid decisions.  But to be logical requires hard work, you have to be committed.

If you follow the following rules, then you are on your way to becoming a better, more logical person.

Written by Ian

Words:  798

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