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Andrew Keen: The internet is worse than Nazi’s

August 18, 2007

A few says ago on the Stephen Colbert report Andrew Keen writer of the book called “The cult of Amateurs” accused the internet of being worse than Nazi’s because it ruins culture.  So am I going to believe that a communist regime that if it had succeeded would have whiped out all art on the face of this planet is worse than spreading art across the internet?  The thing is Nazi’s stole art and the internet spreads art, I mean whats the point of having art if not everyone can see it.  The future is the internet, the future is a society where everyone can have any information at the command of their keystrokes.

Do people hate Andrew Keen because of Stephen Colbert

August 17, 2007

I have been browsing around and it seems many don’t like Andrew Keen who is the author of, “the Cult of Amateurs.” Now hate is a powerful word and many really hate him. I don’t think Andrew Keen had too much publicity before the colbert report had him on the show. On the show Stephen Colbert supported blogging and Andrew Keen criticized the blogging industry and sites like youtube. One of his arguments was that they are stealing culture and he referred to how Stephen’s head company Viacom was suing YouTube. Stephen said he doesn’t think YouTube is stealing and all he cares is that he will get money from the lawsuit. Andrew Keen seems to like the idea of a few men controlling the world and everyone else being peasants or slaves. Stephen Colbert said that Andrew was elitist and the internet open the gateway for more art made by amateurs and then a video of internet art was shown. Everyone in the audience was surprised by that and that may be why people hate Andrew Keen. But it does seem like Andrew Keen has courage saying stuff like that, I just don’t think he truly understands. If you want to see the video go here:

Stephen Colbert Report is Amateur blogging and Web 2.0 a cult? Andrew Keen believes so!

August 17, 2007

As many may know Stephen Colbert spends much of his time on the internet surfing blogs etc.  So how do you think he reacted when Andrew Keen barged in and started accusing the internet of ruining our culture.  He said that when people pirate things like movies, art and songs it ruins our culture.  Stephen Colbert disagreed with this saying that it actually helps distribute culture.  Then he went on and accused Andrew Keen of being a levelist who believes that certain people are way better than others.  Andrew Keen casually shrugged it off and said, “what’s wrong with that.”   So to me it seems that to a point Andrew Keen is right that the internet is destroying old culture.  But I think blogging and Web 2.0 are new culture, things change and you can’t stop that.

Stephen Colbert Report Episode 300!

August 17, 2007

Today is a day of celebration, especially for the  colbert report.  Stephen Colbert will be celebrating the shows 300th anniversary! Today on the show was a runner-up for presidency and Andrew Keen and author of the book name, “The cult of the amateur.”  More on that book later.