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Madden 08 and Tiger Woods 08 on Mac

September 21, 2007

New Mac Games out now, Madden 08 and Tiger Woods 08.  If you don’t like console and don’t like PC games you can use those on your mac.  They are now available on the Apple store.  Unfortunately if you have a MacBook or Mac Mini with an Intel GMA950 graphics processor, you’re out of the game, you won’t be able to play.  Any other computers with higher end graphics cards will be able to play the games.

Registration now open for MacWorld 2008

September 21, 2007

If your looking forward to attending the next MacWorld conference, you will be happy to know that now you can sign up. Get your Mac geek friends together, and go down to San Francisco Jan 14 2008 to to the 19th. I would go but I really don’t want to pay for a flight to San Francisco.

Meet the new iPods

September 6, 2007

The new iPod nano now has video and game support, the iPod video has been renamed iPod classic and the newest addition to the ipod line is the ipod touch not to be confused with iPhone. The iPhone touch can play videos and surf the internet. The new iPod touch comes in two sizes 8gb and 16 gb. Pretty Cool. I think the iPod touch is a good thing for people who want an iPod that does everything a phone does except talk.

Meet the best iPods ever.
iPod shuffleiPod nanoiPod classiciPod touch

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Engadget: New Mac Mini is tested

August 16, 2007

Apple’s new Mac mini may not have gotten quite the overhaul that the iMac got last week, but PC World thinks there’s still quite a bit to get excited about, largely due to the system’s new Core 2 Duo processor. In its tests, PC World found that to give the mini a significant boost across the board including, for example, a 24-percent jump in Photoshop performance over the old 1.83GHz Mac mini (the new 1.83GHz Core 2 Duo mini showed a 19-percent increase). In other tests, the new top-end Mac mini managed to pump out 13-percent more frames per second in Unreal Tournament 2004 than the old top-end model, and it proved to be about even with the new 2GHz Core 2 Duo iMac in tests like Compressor and Cinema 4D, although the mini’s slower 5,400 rpm hard drive caused it to drag in tasks like importing files into iPhoto. If you’re itching for even more benchmarks, you can get your fix at the link below.

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