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September 15, 2007

These are some of my favourite blogs, they are good, inspiring and personal.They are  Steave Pavlina and Revellian.  If you think you are worthy for my list, add a comment and I will survey your page.  I also add everyones site to my blogroll who comments.Here are my reasons as to why I like these two blogs the most.

  1.  It is my favorite blog.  But not for everyone, it is Personal Development for Smart People.  It’s not just about blogging but about looking at yourself, your health, maturity and more.  Steve is a vegan and has been since 1997, he is colorblind and very well educated.  He is well rounded and has many traits (like 50 things listed).  He started his path to where he is today when he was sitting in a jail cell after being arrested for felony grand theft auto.  His life came crashing down on him.  As you can see, he holds no information back from you, he tells you his whole life’s story.  When released from jail, he was notified that he was expelled from school and he would have to give up or grow up, obviously he chose to grow up.  After that day, his life changed, he received a double major in computer sciences and mathematics, he ran a marathon and trained in martial arts.  As some may know, Martial arts is largely about purifying yourself and taking away things harmful to yourself like ego and some emotions. He is also passionate about teaching smart people who want to listen to his life story and things he has learned and continues to learn.  He has written about the law of attraction, how to give up an addiction and many more valued things.  His life has been very interesting, full of good and bad things he has learned over time.  Meaning he has quite a bit to share.  I recommend you look at his site maybe make it a favorite of yours too.  But first learn about Revellian.
  2.    My second favorite blog is the blog of Bobby Revell, he is a poet and an author currently writing an online horror story.  His site is about him, the wold as he sees it and other things important to humanity.  He is strongly against racism, he believes that his site and many other social networks are helping to combat racism, and purify humanity.  He is a guitarist and he also builds guitars.  Nowadays he includes blog tips for his friends in the blogosphere who need help establishing their blogs.  He spends much of his time blogging, I can tell that because I put a link on my site to his and he responded within a day.  He isn’t blogging to get rich, he is doing it to meet new people and learn new things.  His blog has won numerous awards, including awards for creativity, thought, inspiration, excellence and a star!  If you value knowledge and just want to read a good blog, visit his!
  3. I was going to put ProBlogger on my list, but after seeing these two sites, it doesn’t compare to them.  Also Revellian doesn’t like ProBlogger.  I guess it gets more attention than what it deserves.

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Make Money from Your Blog!

September 11, 2007

You can make money from your blog, money from doing something you enjoy. If you own your own domain name for your blog, you can post ads on your blog. If your blog is hosted on a sub domain (.blogger etc) that allows it you can post ads as well.

Most bloggers start out on sub domains like or on most of these domains you can’t post ads, thats means you can’t make money from your site. That’s okay because your site should be built up and good before you start trying to make money.

After a year when most bloggers have a decent viewer ship, they may buy a domain name and transfer their blog to that site. Once that happens, they are free to start making as much money as possible. I recommend using Google adsense when you are starting out.

Adsense will look at your site and find things that may relate to ads that they have on their database. When people click on these ads, on your site you get some of the money for that click. Although it is a small amount, it adds up when you have a viewer ship.

You can also add referrer programs to you site, for example amazon’s referrer service. When someone clicks a link to an item on your website and it is part of the referrer service, you will get 10% of the sales, and if someone buys something expensive, you will get 10% of that. If they spend $100 you get $10. Sometimes bloggers can make a decent amount off affiliate referral programs alone.

After you get a larger page rank, other ad sites will become available for your use. Page Rank has to do with the amount of visitors entering your website and the amount of websites linking to yours.

It is possible to make quite a large amount of money from your blog, but don’t try right away, wait until you have a bigger site.

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Big Blogs, Small Blogs or Medium Blogs

September 9, 2007

I am trying to figure out which blogs are the best. I have categorized all blogs into 3 categories, big blogs, small blogs and medium blogs. All blogs start out small unless there is alot of opening hype. I have noticed that small blogs are more personal and usually offer a point of view on the topic being discussed, that’s something I like. Then there are medium blogs they’re close to big blogs but on a smaller topic and more or less personal than small blogs, they usually have been around for a year or more. Then there are the big blogs, ones like Engadget. Big blogs go straight to the news without much commentary and employ many different authors, Engadget a technical blog for example is a company more than a blog. They’re also own something like 20 smaller blogs that each have 3-4 employees and talk about something else. Each of the authors has their own style and that makes it hard for them to be personal. Many blogs aim at becoming a Big blogs like Engadget, but is it really the right way to go? Most small blogs that have the skills and determination quickly evolve into medium blogs with page ranks between 2 and 5. Then ones that stay small after a year usually die out. Most Medium blogs are written by one person, they are essentially a small blog with more skill and many more viewers. Medium Bloggers often own other medium blogs and blogging is their full time profession. Medium bloggers can make quite a bit of money just from ads. Big blogs make millions from ads, but the money is split between the employees and the owner of the blog. Small blogs usually don’t have ads, some Medium blogs don’t either. So the sweet spot seems to be the Medium blog, they make money and give opinions they also have many dedicated readers. Many of the medium blog owners are also programmers and in their time away from blogging operate websites that one day may be revolutionary new tools on the internet. Often small blogs and medium blogs express their opinion very vocally and even write about other blogs criticizingly or in agreement. Big blogs do nothing of the sort, they don’t want to alienate any readers, it’s all about image for them. Engadget isn’t too bad, but there are some blogs that are more like newspapers they don’t have an opinion and if they do they don’t tell you.

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More than 12,000 site views

September 7, 2007

Thats right today marks the second week my blog has been around.  It is amazing that already I have had over 12,000 visits.  If only I could do better on my other blogs.

ENGADGET: The split up computer concept (compartments)

August 18, 2007

I thought of this once, but I am sure many others have.  It seems like a bright idea that could change computing and make it easier for people to fix their computers.  Regular people will be able to build custom machines.  I believe being able to update computers through usb would be nice.  For example I have an old mac mini and I want a better graphics card to run Starcraft II well I could buy it and plug it in to usb and still use my current card.  Peoples computers would come as basic machines with simple motherboards and small capabilities and depending on what the user wants they can add on. This may also make computers last for ever, my old tower may have lasted forever if only the case could fit the new dual core cpus we now have.

  See more below.


Those who find difficulty in cracking open a typical tower to replace that aging DVD writer with one that burns in high-definition should adore Richard Choi’s UNI concept, which exemplifies compartmentalized computing and takes the stress out of upgrading. Apparently, the “Think” module would act as the core computer and handle the essentials, while a variety of other plug-in modules would provide additional outputs (HDMI, DVI, optical audio, USB, etc.), hard drive space, and optical drives. Granted, this could get out of hand for those who get UNI-stackin’ fever, but we’ll certainly pass along kudos to the idea. Click on for one more shot.