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My Report: Piracy on YouTube

August 26, 2007

Almost everyone on the internet knows what YouTube is and those who do know that they can watch their favorite TV show online, whenever they want.  But now the companies that produce those shows are fighting back.  They are suing YouTube for billions of dollars.  Among these companies are Viacom parent company of Comedy Central and Nickelodeon.  Viacom believes that YouTube is stealing their profit.  This is because entire Viacom shows are submitted to YouTube and people may be watching YouTube instead of the TV where Viacom makes money.  But while they are busy worrying about piracy, the world is changing.  TV is old and it need to adapt, people watch videos on the internet because they can watch what they want when they want.  If Viacom and other companies teamed up with YouTube by allowing them to use their TV shows in exchange for some commission of the profit made everyone would be happy and Viacom would have it’s money.  That is my view on piracy over YouTube.

The end of Youtube it was sued over copyright infringement

August 17, 2007

Could this be the end of YouTube?  Many greedy companies have started suing YouTube for copyright infringement.  Even soccer players and weather forecasters.   Viacom recently sent over 100,000 notifications for youtube to delete clips from shows that they produce.  Some of these shows are shows like the Daily Show, Colbert Report, VH1, and Nickelodeon.  What they may not realize is that these clips don’t take away viewers from their shows it only adds to the views.  If I watched a Stephen Colbert Clip on the internet and thought it was funny I would be more inclined to watch their next show at 11:30 pm on Comedy Central.  What Viacom needs to do is team up with youtube because Viacom’s website dosn’t have a very good video service.  Is this the end of YouTube?  No it is not.