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Not Stephen Colbert is REAL ::: Daily Ko’s

August 17, 2007

If you though that maybe the user on DailyKo’s named “notstephencolbert” was a fake then YOU were wrong.  Today I conducted a grueling search across the face of all that is DailyKo’s and I found him, NotStephenColbert is real!!!  And another thing since DailyKos was criticized on the Stephen Colbert report their site viewer ship has shot up rapidly.  BAD publicity is good publicity.

Daily Ko’s: George’s War

August 17, 2007

Parts from Daily Ko’sIn just a few short weeks, the sixth anniversary of the attacks of September 11th will tap our shoulders. It will warn of another year of war, evoked in its memory, that stands raving and eager to follow the same terrible path down which this country’s grief has been misled for more than four. (more…)

Stephen Colbert is 3/4 Jewish Maybe

August 17, 2007

Yesterday we found out that Stephen Colbert may be 3/4 Jewish because there was a 3/4 chance that his DNA matched a Jewish descent.  On his show he also took a stab at the creator of Daily Ko’s calling him a Nazi in his interview with the creator.  That was a hilarious episode that I will always cherish.

Stephen Colbert sneaks around Daily Ko’s

August 16, 2007

Stephen Colbert posted an article on Daily Ko’s under the unassuming name “notstephencolbert”

On his show he is having an argument with the head blogger on Daily Ko’s it is hilarious I am watching it now. Stephen is convinced that the head blogger is a Nazi, he even has proof.

See the clip here