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Halo 3 rated by Famitsu

September 20, 2007

Finally we can see what Halo got.  Famitsu rated it 37/40.  WHAT?  Not PERFECT?  Being Japanese they are not as enthusiastic about shooters as North Americans are.  I expect the game will get a perfect from GameSpot, they like shooters alot!  Famitsu’s reasons for the less than perfect score were too many checkpoints and it felt too easy.  All I can say is, don’t listen to reviews until you have played the game.

MassEffect series for Xbox only

September 20, 2007

If you own a Wii and no Xbox and you are looking forward to MassEffect, then you will have to get an Xbox 360 if you want to play it.  BioWare, the company that is planning to make the MassEffect trilogy will try their best to keep MassEffect on the Xbox 360 platform solely.  The only problem is that they’re not sure how long the Xbox 360 will be out there.  For some reason they are concerned with this.  They want to get the whole series on the 360 before the next iteration of Xbox.

Mass Effect will be out on November 20th.

Halo 3 sold out Legendary Edition

September 18, 2007

Have you heard the rumors?  Halo 3 may already have sold 3 million pre-ordered copies.  What we do know is that the $130 Halo 3 Legendary Edition will be sold out by the time Halo 3 ships.  If you are looking for your copy of Halo 3, you better order as soon as you can or you will be waiting for a few months to get it.  Unless it turns out to suck and get a 1/10 review.  Which it won’t.

Possible Disaster Day of Crisis game Information

September 18, 2007

Some websites claim that they know the base storyline of Disaster Day of Crisis.  The rumor is that a terrorist group uses some natural disasters as a window to attack the United States.  It is up to you, the protagonist an ex-cop to save the day and dodge the natural disasters in order to stop the terrorists.  If this is true then I am excited, it sounds like an interesting story and game.  Look forward to getting this possible AAA title in Q1 or Q2 of 2008.

Chinese Gamer Dies after 3 Days of Nothing but gaming

September 18, 2007

There have been inconsistent reports that a mad gamer in China went on a 3 day online game streak and died right in the internet cafe.  Why?  I would guess it’s because he did nothing but game.  He probably died of dehydration, starvation and blindness or something.  I wonder why the cafe owner didn’t stop the guy from gaming 3 days straight.  Maybe this was some sort of messed up suicide.

Halo 3 leaked onto the Web. Rumor!

September 18, 2007

It has been rumored that the Ending of Halo 3 has been leaked onto the internet.  The rumors source come from eBay where a man was selling a video titled Halo 3 ending.  If you want to find out more just Google Halo 3 ending.  On September 25th we’ll just have to beat Halo really really quick and see if the rumors were right.

August Console Sales

September 9, 2007

It’s to be expected the Wii is on top getting a boost from Metroid.

Wii 420,000
DS 400,000
Xbox 360 240,000
PS2 225,000
PSP 210,000
PS3 150,000
GBA 75,000

Metroid Prime 3 slips to 2nd place

September 9, 2007

A few days ago I reported that Metroid Prime 3 has reached top overall game presently on GameSpot.  But today, that title was ripped away and BioShock for the computer stole it’s place.  Perhaps Metroid fans will rebel by looking up Metroid on GameSpot.

Metroid Prime 3 is really awesome

September 7, 2007

A few days ago I got Metroid Prime 3. I love it, the controls revolutionize first person shooters. But graphics don’t push the Wii to the limits but they are very nice, they have a nicer look than many PS3 and Xbox 360 games odviously they can’t compete with Halo 3 or Killzone 2.  Other games I am excited about are Battalion Wars 2, Super Mario Galaxy and Smash Bros Brawl.  In a few weeks I will have beaten the game, and will post a review on NintenPro.

August Best 2 games

September 3, 2007

Of course it’s Metroid Prime 3 second after Bioshock.

#1 Bioshock: Bioshock is a brand new experience a shocking one.  Much of the game is based on atmosphere which the formidable Xbox 360 dishes out and a shooting experience.  I would say Bioshock is as good as it is not because it is a good shooter but because it is good art.  By the way in Bioshock you can use many different weapons as well as magic.

#2 Metroid Prime 3 Corruption:  Metroid Prime 3 is now the best wii game out shadowing Zelda Twilight Princess.  The game is now based on different planets and Samus can use her ship to move around the planets and areas on those planets.  The game has voice acting in all over a first for the metroid franchise.  The biggest change is the controls, the wii is able to offer controls superior to xbox and ps3 and nearly as good as PC.  The game has great design and is well balanced.  Many parts are all about shooting others have none at all and solving puzzles is what you need to do.  Samus also has new abilities such as hyper mode where she can use a pack on her back filled with phazon to “Corrupt herself” sort of like in bioshock it makes her attacks and health more powerful.  The game is the best of the franchise but many parts will feel too familiar to Metroid fans.


I tried not to spoil the stories in each game.


Bioshock is set in an under water city called Rapture.

Metroid Prime 3 is set in Galactic Federation space on a federation ship, planet, space pirate homeworld and many more.

Two great games.