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Global Warming: What to do?

September 14, 2007

One of todays most controversial problems is Global Warming, the slow warming of our planet and rise of sea level.  Many politicians argue over what it is and many scientists research what to do and how to fix it.

Is it real?  Right now many believe it is.  But because this article discusses what to do about it I will not go too far into how real it is.  Even if it doesn’t exist, it is still important for us to clean up our act.

It is pathetic how much we pollute and how dirty our industry is.  Oil is the base of all advanced human technology, meaning we pollute a lot.  So much that our skies often get covered with it, causing smog.  Who would have thought 500 years ago that people would be stupid enough to use a mineral that is slowly killing them by polluting their air and poisoning them.

It is mainly our fault.  Today people aren’t aware enough, they will do what is easy until they have to change.  If we don’t research alternative technologies to oil, and make them affordable soon, we may very soon require masks just to breathe.  Even if we took off the mask we could die, in an atmosphere we were made to live in.

What do we do about it?  We need to research, research and colonize other planets and moons just as a countermeasure.  When our oil supply runs out in 50 years, and we don’t have a backup plan not only will we be breathing dirty air, but all our technology will stop working!  Thats bad, maybe a global catastrophe, many could not survive without technology. In the future electricity will be king and it will be generated by new technologies other than oil, such as wind, solar, hydroelectric and algae power.  Those 4 technologies are renewable and they will revolutionize the way we make power.

That means that our supply of electricity wouldn’t run out and it won’t be as polluting as oil.  Hydrogen is from water, which we can get on the moon and on mars and create electricity from using the fuel cell.  We will be able to use our new technologies in space and on Earth, you can’t burn oil in space.  The fuel cell will replace combustion engines and new bio batteries that use bacterias and algae will replace our current chemical batteries, they will also last longer too.

Aside from energy we must develop new 100% recyclable materials, or eventually we’ll run out.  New plastics can now be made from sugars instead of crude oil.  Future materials should be organically based and maybe some even grown!

If we invest enough in our future, I can be sure that we won’t be breathing dirty air or using harmful technologies for much longer.  As long as people want whats best, they will probably get it.

Written by Ian

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