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Technology Update: Fly to the moon for Google and get $20 million

September 14, 2007

Google has a new Xprize, if you fly to the moon using a vehicle you created from scratch and travel 1,312 feet across the surface you will get $20 million dollars.  The catch is you have to send Google 1gb of information.  If someone does this by 2012, they get all the money after that till 2014 they only get $15 million.  Second place gets $5 million and any teams that meet the minimum requirements get to split $5 million.

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Skype is back to normal

August 19, 2007

Thats right Skype the internet’s best VOIP provider is back online.  After being offline for  a while, the downtime may have been caused by a bug or vulnerability in the Skype software.  Google it for more.

Google internet revolution

August 19, 2007

When most think of the internet they instantly think of google.  Thats because Google has done so much to change the internet.  The Google search for example is the best around it will always find results and usually the ones you want.  They have created online word processors, maps, google earth, blogger, movie reviews, and more they have made a huge influence.  Just think where would you find websites without Google?  Imagine a world without Google, it wouldn’t be as good.  Imagine searching for videos without Google, they do own YouTube.