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Ideas for your Blog

September 11, 2007

One of the most important things for a blogger is to always have ideas to prevent blogger burnout.  But how is it possible, there is only so much to write about?  Well no, information is being created all the time and there are so many new things to write about all the time.  You have probably thought of many, you’ve just forgotten.  Write down all your ideas, check out other blogs and read tips.  If you are a blogger there is so much to talk about.  It may be hard to believe but it is very easy to have an endless supply of good ideas.

Remember earlier I told you to write down all your ideas.  That is key, even if they are bad they may still be salvaged.  Listen to the news and comment on something, I get my ideas from listening to the Stephen Colbert Report every night.   You could comment on what happening on your favorite show, let people know a little bit about you.  To some people privacy is more important than to others.

Sometimes people try too hard to think of ideas and it burns out their heads.  It may help to take your mind off the topic and read a book or watch TV, maybe talk to some friends.  Try writing about some of these topics:

  1. Gaming, some of the most successful blogs on Earth are about games, there is always news and controversy to talk about.
  2.  Electronics, technology is advancing fast meaning that technology comes out too fast for you to cover it all talk about some of it.  If you think that some technology is stupid, tell people and do it through your blog.
  3. Computers, do you like Apple or Windows?  Talk about it.
  4. Your life, if you are out of ideas talk about your life.  While it might not be very interesting, just talk about yourself sometimes.
  5. Pet, talk about you pets, your cat, your fish or your dog.  Many people want to know how to care for their pets and you can help them.
  6. Music, you can talk about your variety.
  7. Anything you like, there are some weird things out there so write about anything.

Make the occasional YouTube video and cat pictures post.  They will be funny and bring people to your site.

There are so many possibilities, if you thought you couldn’t write about anything, I probably just proved you wrong.  Now I am sure you must have an idea and if you don’t then something is wrong.

Written by Ian

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