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Best Restaurant for Breakfast

September 8, 2007

It’s a close tie between iHop and DeDutch they are both great for breakfast and both busy all the time.  iHop dosn’t have the large menu of customization that DeDutch has and it’s food is normal compared to the plate sized panekoeks at DeDutch.  iHop’s pancakes are the best around (I happen to know their recipe) and DeDutch has amazing breakfast.  At DeDutch you can order a panekoek (a pancake the size of a large plate) and get it stuffed or topped with whatever they have, anything!  Though the meals are pricey they are unique and taste great.  iHop as I said before is more conventional they serve things like pancakes with bacon, eggs and hash browns.  The meals are just as tasty and their prices are lower.  Both restaurants are great and it’s hard to choose a winner.  Which I am unsure of, We’ll call it a tie.  Honorable mention:  White Spot one of the best restaurant chains in the world it only exists in BC Canada they have hundreds of restaurants and their food is very diverse.  At breakfast you can order pretty much the same as what iHop has but in a less busy environment.  All of the restaurants are very fancy while maintaining a cheap price and inviting environment.  After lunch their food is great.  If you are ever in British Columbia look for one or you’ll regret it.