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Halo 3 leaked onto the Web. Rumor!

September 18, 2007

It has been rumored that the Ending of Halo 3 has been leaked onto the internet.  The rumors source come from eBay where a man was selling a video titled Halo 3 ending.  If you want to find out more just Google Halo 3 ending.  On September 25th we’ll just have to beat Halo really really quick and see if the rumors were right.

The Future of Technology

September 13, 2007

I have always wondered what was going to happen to technology in the future.  That is why I am writing about the Future of Technology, because the future and our technology are both important. Did you know that every year human knowledge doubles and computer power goes up exponentially?  Our technology is literally advancing faster than we can advance!  Our technology may soon be smarter than it’s creators.

Usually when people think of the future they think of way far off thousands of years.  When I think of the future I think of the next 20-50 years.  In the close future, cars may drive themselves and we may have elevators into space.  What you will read will show you 5 hot technologies that will change the future in the next 20-50 years.

  1. Carbon Nanotubes: Carbon Nanotubes will allow us to continue to add more and more transistors onto our computer processors, without them We wouldn’t be able to continue at the current rate.  They will also be a base technology of things such as long life batteries, flat screen monitors and even poles for a possible elevator into space.  They are also strong, 10-100 times stronger than steel and they are the by-product of certain chemical reactions and products being made.  Nanotubes can form and operate as pretty much any technology, they can also be grown under certain conditions.  In the future Carbon Nanotubes may replace oil as the basic material all advanced human technologies require to operate.
  2. Biosensors will revolutionize the way hospitals and medical facilities operate.  Thats because they will be able to act like an independent doctor, it scans your blood for diseases and immediately attacks them with the appropriate drugs.  They will do more than that though, when people are in need of new organs Biosensors may be able to acts as those organs.  They so this all without the help of people.  It is possible that Biosensors will also be able to scan and protect you from biowarfare a possible threat of the future.  All foods may also be tested with biosensors.  It will be like living in a society where no one gets sick.
  3. Self Driving cars, will change the way you drive.  You won’t have to drive because the computer in the car will do it for you.  And they are closer to reality than you might think, forklifts already use autopilots to drive around warehouses, snowplows use an assist feature and auto driving cars have been tested in the desert and cities.  You may even see them on the road as soon as 2025.  These cars may be controlled by GPS, laser sensors, and infrared devices.  All cars will be aware of each other and intersections where you stop will be a thing of the past.  Toyota has developed self driving cars that don’t slow down or stop at intersections they are all aware of each other and they drive just right so that none of them hit each other.  But will people accept the idea?  Some people enjoy driving and others don’t want the danger of being hit by one in an accident.  It may be possible but it may not go on as planned.
  4. The fuel cell, some are based on CARBON NANOTUBES (see how versatile they are) and they will replace batteries, generators and car engines.  Many fuels cell run on hydrogen and others on methanol.  These are both cheap and better for the environment than traditional combustion engines in cars today.  Car companies are spending millions researching fuel cells, because they know it’s the future of cars.  Hydrogen is a fuel that can be produced cheaply and it is renewable and found everywhere.  Fuel cells will defiantly revolutionize and change the face of our future.
  5. Robots.  When most people think of robots, they think of large metal boxes with low growly voices, that though is not the future of robots.  Many robots will be designed to look and talk exactly like humans.  There is a small possibility that some will think similar to humans.  Today most robots can’t think but they can walk and some can run.  One day the world of advanced computers and the world of advanced robotics will combine and robots will be smart.  I can assure you that one day you will have a robot that can think for itself.  Unless you are blind, you die, humans destroy themselves or robots that think for themselves are invisible.

The future looks bright!  And thats only a small part of it.  Later on some other day I will post more on the future and what it holds for us.

Written by Ian

Words:  786

The Future of the Internet

September 12, 2007

Have you ever been on the internet and wondered what’s going to happen in it’s future.  Well even though the future cannot be told, it can be predicted and pretty well too.  So far the internet has been getting faster and faster every year.  More and more devices are being able to use the internet.  Internet applications have also been getting more and more advanced, there are now full word processors and gaming applications all online.  People are even turning to the internet to watch their favourite TV.  Millions now use VOIP instead of phones and email instead of standard mail.  These current technologies will continue to develop and advance.  Heres how it has been predicted that the internet will be by 2020:

  1.  The average home internet connection will have a speed of at least one gigabits per second.
  2. The internet will be accessible from anywhere.  Not just in cities but in the middle of the wilderness.
  3. Smaller devices will use the internet like their own hard drives.
  4. Many businesses will move towards the internet, it will become a new business platform more so than right now.
  5. People will use video immersion to connect to their companies over the internet and virtual offices will replace traditional offices.  People will work from home but still be able to see, and talk to their co-workers online.
  6. As I said earlier TV and Phone will be integrated into the internet.
  7. Everyone including poorer and older people will be able to have access to the internet and computers will be cheaper and more available.
  8. Web 2.0 will evolve into Web 3.0 then Web 4.0 the evolution will continue.
  9. Internet in video game will become standard and video gaming communities will be a new part of every gamers life.
  10. All information will be available to anyone and secrecy will become rare as people become more aware.
  11. Computers will get smaller and smaller, desktop computers will no longer be necessary, and computers will be found in almost every part of the standard home.
  12. CD’s DVDs and other methods of removable storage devices will become a thing of the past, everything will be from the internet.
  13. Books will be scanned and put online so you can watch everything on a small computer screen, paper will be used less and less.
  14. Movies on YouTube will be from around all of the world.  People from all over the world will be able to talk to each other and different cultures will get along, wars will be less prevelant.
  15. Programs like Microsoft word will allow anyone to publish a blog.  This is already happening.
  16. People will be more aware and the attempts by governments to censor the internet will fail because of it’s vital position in our future.

Those are only a few of the things that will happen on the internet in the near future.  The internet will evolve on and on and the world will change.   The internet may prove to be the biggest thing that humans have developed and the most important in our progression through time.  What do you think will happen to the internet?

Written by Ian

Words: 528

Big Blogs, Small Blogs or Medium Blogs

September 9, 2007

I am trying to figure out which blogs are the best. I have categorized all blogs into 3 categories, big blogs, small blogs and medium blogs. All blogs start out small unless there is alot of opening hype. I have noticed that small blogs are more personal and usually offer a point of view on the topic being discussed, that’s something I like. Then there are medium blogs they’re close to big blogs but on a smaller topic and more or less personal than small blogs, they usually have been around for a year or more. Then there are the big blogs, ones like Engadget. Big blogs go straight to the news without much commentary and employ many different authors, Engadget a technical blog for example is a company more than a blog. They’re also own something like 20 smaller blogs that each have 3-4 employees and talk about something else. Each of the authors has their own style and that makes it hard for them to be personal. Many blogs aim at becoming a Big blogs like Engadget, but is it really the right way to go? Most small blogs that have the skills and determination quickly evolve into medium blogs with page ranks between 2 and 5. Then ones that stay small after a year usually die out. Most Medium blogs are written by one person, they are essentially a small blog with more skill and many more viewers. Medium Bloggers often own other medium blogs and blogging is their full time profession. Medium bloggers can make quite a bit of money just from ads. Big blogs make millions from ads, but the money is split between the employees and the owner of the blog. Small blogs usually don’t have ads, some Medium blogs don’t either. So the sweet spot seems to be the Medium blog, they make money and give opinions they also have many dedicated readers. Many of the medium blog owners are also programmers and in their time away from blogging operate websites that one day may be revolutionary new tools on the internet. Often small blogs and medium blogs express their opinion very vocally and even write about other blogs criticizingly or in agreement. Big blogs do nothing of the sort, they don’t want to alienate any readers, it’s all about image for them. Engadget isn’t too bad, but there are some blogs that are more like newspapers they don’t have an opinion and if they do they don’t tell you.

Written by Ian

Words: 426

How to Boost Blog Traffic:

September 9, 2007

On many blogs I have had traffic problems and I have learned quite a bit about blog traffic. Here’s what I have picked up.


When beginner’s start out their blogs, they often think that they will have regular readers after only a few posts. Thats not going to happen. A year ago I started a blog when I was a beginner thinking that was so. I posted many articles and couldn’t figure out why nobody was reading them. Later on I realized that you have to submit your blog to blog search engines in order for the blog to succeed.  You also need to establish a style of your own. (more…)

My favourite blog

September 8, 2007

One day I was browsing the net and I stumbled upon a great site: It is one of my favorite site/blogs maybe my favorite. His articles are very well written and are about “Personal Development for Smart People.” His audience isn’t rude, they are supportive and ask constructive questions.  It is one of Steve’s beliefs that when he sits down and types an article it may appear that he is in an empty room but he is actually communicating with thousands of other people through his blog.  Many of Steve’s posts are long very long, most longer than an average newspaper article. It is remarkable how much is on his site, days worth of reading for me at least. I could only hope to do so well. But hoping is not the cause of success.

Funny Cat pictures

August 27, 2007

My Report: Piracy on YouTube

August 26, 2007

Almost everyone on the internet knows what YouTube is and those who do know that they can watch their favorite TV show online, whenever they want.  But now the companies that produce those shows are fighting back.  They are suing YouTube for billions of dollars.  Among these companies are Viacom parent company of Comedy Central and Nickelodeon.  Viacom believes that YouTube is stealing their profit.  This is because entire Viacom shows are submitted to YouTube and people may be watching YouTube instead of the TV where Viacom makes money.  But while they are busy worrying about piracy, the world is changing.  TV is old and it need to adapt, people watch videos on the internet because they can watch what they want when they want.  If Viacom and other companies teamed up with YouTube by allowing them to use their TV shows in exchange for some commission of the profit made everyone would be happy and Viacom would have it’s money.  That is my view on piracy over YouTube.

Google internet revolution

August 19, 2007

When most think of the internet they instantly think of google.  Thats because Google has done so much to change the internet.  The Google search for example is the best around it will always find results and usually the ones you want.  They have created online word processors, maps, google earth, blogger, movie reviews, and more they have made a huge influence.  Just think where would you find websites without Google?  Imagine a world without Google, it wouldn’t be as good.  Imagine searching for videos without Google, they do own YouTube.

Mythbusters: So pretty girls fart: Youtube

August 18, 2007

Hilarious MythBusters do pretty girls fart?