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iPhone price to plummet $200

September 7, 2007

Many have said the iPhone is too much money.  Well good news for them Steve Jobs chief of Apple said that they will be dropping the price of the top of the line iPhone to $400 from $600 and the low end model will be phased away.  Some related news is the newest iPod the iPod touch like the iPhone it has a touch screen but there is no phone.  What else does it have, well it also has a web browser, video player and iTunes on the go so that means that you can download your favourite songs while you are in a WiFi hotspot.  I expect that in the long run the new iPod will be great news to Apple and the price drop on the iPhone will make the iPhone appeal more to the mainstream market.

Meet the new iPods

September 6, 2007

The new iPod nano now has video and game support, the iPod video has been renamed iPod classic and the newest addition to the ipod line is the ipod touch not to be confused with iPhone. The iPhone touch can play videos and surf the internet. The new iPod touch comes in two sizes 8gb and 16 gb. Pretty Cool. I think the iPod touch is a good thing for people who want an iPod that does everything a phone does except talk.

Meet the best iPods ever.
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Stephen Colbert Ipod video on YouTube

August 18, 2007

Its pretty cool what people do for Stephen Colbert