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Microsoft expects 10 millon Xbox Live Users

September 21, 2007

We’ve all seen how fast Halo 3 is selling, now from the Tokyo Game show we get news that Xbox live expects 10 million users by June 2008 and already have 7 million users subscribed.

Xbox 360 set to get new HD DVD Drive

September 21, 2007

Details are scarce right now, but some sites are reporting that Microsoft is scheduled to release a new HD DVD drive in 2008.  If the stories are true, it would probably include HDi interactive features.  What is know though, is that Microsoft is bragging about how they are so far ahead of Blu-Ray.

MassEffect series for Xbox only

September 20, 2007

If you own a Wii and no Xbox and you are looking forward to MassEffect, then you will have to get an Xbox 360 if you want to play it.  BioWare, the company that is planning to make the MassEffect trilogy will try their best to keep MassEffect on the Xbox 360 platform solely.  The only problem is that they’re not sure how long the Xbox 360 will be out there.  For some reason they are concerned with this.  They want to get the whole series on the 360 before the next iteration of Xbox.

Mass Effect will be out on November 20th.

Daily Nerd: Console Sales Overall

August 26, 2007

Thats right the Wii is now winning.  But for how long?

Two years ago, very few analysts would have predicted the Nintendo Wii would be market leader this generation against the established Playstation and Xbox brands.