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Technology Update: Fly to the moon for Google and get $20 million

September 14, 2007

Google has a new Xprize, if you fly to the moon using a vehicle you created from scratch and travel 1,312 feet across the surface you will get $20 million dollars.  The catch is you have to send Google 1gb of information.  If someone does this by 2012, they get all the money after that till 2014 they only get $15 million.  Second place gets $5 million and any teams that meet the minimum requirements get to split $5 million.

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Stephen Colbert Update: New York Schools pay kids to get A’s

September 14, 2007

Yesterday night on the Stephen Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert interviewed the head of education in New York.  What could have been so cool about that?  Well the New York is testing a new program where they pay kids hundreds of dollars a year just to get A’s.  At first I was skeptical, but they tried it in Dallas and substantial results were produced.

Right now education is experiencing problems in America, hundreds of thousands of students are dropping out all over the place.  Students are bored and they aren’t paying attention to teachers.  But no ones trying to change that, people are too afraid to take risks.  Except for New York!  I look forward to seeing if their new program is a shining star of a flopping fish.  Yes a flopping fish (my new explanation).


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Make Money from Your Blog!

September 11, 2007

You can make money from your blog, money from doing something you enjoy. If you own your own domain name for your blog, you can post ads on your blog. If your blog is hosted on a sub domain (.blogger etc) that allows it you can post ads as well.

Most bloggers start out on sub domains like or on most of these domains you can’t post ads, thats means you can’t make money from your site. That’s okay because your site should be built up and good before you start trying to make money.

After a year when most bloggers have a decent viewer ship, they may buy a domain name and transfer their blog to that site. Once that happens, they are free to start making as much money as possible. I recommend using Google adsense when you are starting out.

Adsense will look at your site and find things that may relate to ads that they have on their database. When people click on these ads, on your site you get some of the money for that click. Although it is a small amount, it adds up when you have a viewer ship.

You can also add referrer programs to you site, for example amazon’s referrer service. When someone clicks a link to an item on your website and it is part of the referrer service, you will get 10% of the sales, and if someone buys something expensive, you will get 10% of that. If they spend $100 you get $10. Sometimes bloggers can make a decent amount off affiliate referral programs alone.

After you get a larger page rank, other ad sites will become available for your use. Page Rank has to do with the amount of visitors entering your website and the amount of websites linking to yours.

It is possible to make quite a large amount of money from your blog, but don’t try right away, wait until you have a bigger site.

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Rich Teenager

September 4, 2007

A seventeen year old girl is making millions from her website. This is about her quest for success.

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