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iTunes movie rentals

September 8, 2007

Astute Flickr community member, David Watanabe, spied several possible error messages from within the “Report A Problem” list in iTunes, all indicating movie rental capabilities.  What would this mean?  Movie rentals on iTunes that would mean you no longer have to go to the video store to rent videos you can stay in the comfort of your own home and watch the videos online!  Maybe they could even allow you to watch movies that are in theaters online.  It would be a great idea but it isn’t confirmed and I am unsure of the chances of it happening.

Meet the new iPods

September 6, 2007

The new iPod nano now has video and game support, the iPod video has been renamed iPod classic and the newest addition to the ipod line is the ipod touch not to be confused with iPhone. The iPhone touch can play videos and surf the internet. The new iPod touch comes in two sizes 8gb and 16 gb. Pretty Cool. I think the iPod touch is a good thing for people who want an iPod that does everything a phone does except talk.

Meet the best iPods ever.
iPod shuffleiPod nanoiPod classiciPod touch

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Stephen Colbert Report is Amateur blogging and Web 2.0 a cult? Andrew Keen believes so!

August 17, 2007

As many may know Stephen Colbert spends much of his time on the internet surfing blogs etc.  So how do you think he reacted when Andrew Keen barged in and started accusing the internet of ruining our culture.  He said that when people pirate things like movies, art and songs it ruins our culture.  Stephen Colbert disagreed with this saying that it actually helps distribute culture.  Then he went on and accused Andrew Keen of being a levelist who believes that certain people are way better than others.  Andrew Keen casually shrugged it off and said, “what’s wrong with that.”   So to me it seems that to a point Andrew Keen is right that the internet is destroying old culture.  But I think blogging and Web 2.0 are new culture, things change and you can’t stop that.

Hidden Messages in our culture

August 16, 2007

Look very very closely and if you can’t see it look closlier

Hidden Message

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