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IGN Wii-k in Review Podcast Summary

September 8, 2007

I am going to listen in tomorrow morning.  Sounds good though.

Smash Bros. talk, recap of week’s news. Discussion/debate of online play

Smash Bros. Vs. Halo 3 sales talk

Smash Bros. marketing talk

Smash Bros. WiiConnect24 speculation

Worms: A Space Oddity discussion. WiiConnect24, downloadable items, motion/IR

Mario Kart Wii talk, nothing new

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption discussion. Debate on quality of the first “level”. Control talk

Trauma Center: New Blood talk. Co-op mode

Manhunt 2 story delayed until next week due to Rockstar not being able to get everything together

Super Mario Galaxy update. Different gravity levels on each planet/galaxy. Star power-ups. Haunted house level, water levels, some levels on massive scale

Battalion Wars II talk. Naval support (submarines, ships). Multiplayer modes (co-op, assault, skirmish) Co-op – 2 players agaisnt CPU, Assault and Skirmish – 2 online players agaisnt each other.

More Zack and Wiki coverage possibly on the way

Some of Nintendo Power’s best of E3 show

Contra IV
Mario Kart Wii
NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams
Super Mario Galaxy
Phantom Hourglass

Third party DS titles at TGS. Tecmo event, Capcom event. Zack and Wiki , REUC most likely to have showing.

Spaceworld discussion, may be coming back.

Reggie news promised for September

Editorial involving headset coming soon, next week most likely

Editorial on hard drive possibly coming

Sept. speculation surprise is unknown

There are a few games that are going to be announced. “Mature (not rated)” title that was looking for a publisher has gotten a publisher. Dark title, spooky

Brawl boxart floating around – Nintendo may have distributed as a placeholder for now. Not on Nintendo press site

More Metroid Prime 3: Corruption advertising discussion. Advertising goal is to get things out to the casual gamer

Street Fighter VC sales are unknown. Sales are “pretty good”. Everyone waiting for Super Street Fighter

Future of Resident Evil after Umbrella Chronicles. Hopefully franchise will continue on Wii as well. Matt unsure, Bozon thinks there will be another RE4 style game.

RE5 cannot be isn’t coming to Wii. It could be done with a lot of time and effort, but most likely won’t happen.

Third party Wii support talk. Devs jumping on board. Spooky game mentioned once more.

Rayman Raving Rabbids success due to game being good, or that it as a launch title. Sequel is funnier than first. Most of the games will be improved from the first title. Shooting mode will be discussed in a couple weeks. Says should be good, but perhaps not as well as the first.

Embargos are a “necessary evil”. Rockstar/Manhunt 2 embargo discussed. Euro Vs. US press discussed.

More Western devs on the VC definitely going to happen. Factor 5 games may be coming soon.

Factor 5 discussion. Julian Eggebrecht is into Wii. Julian says that they would love to work on the Wii. If the opportunity came up they would do it in a heartbeat. Not against working with Nintendo on a title. Matt would love to see them do Pilotwings. Another Rogue Squadron is something Factor 5 would love to do. Pehaps a compilation, perhaps a new game. Start a petition if you want it this to happen.

Medal of Honor: Heroes 2. Matt not a fan of split screen. No split screen in MoH:H2.

Konami talk. Some kind of Castlevania change goin on, platform unknown.

Devs may always feel that the PS3, 360 are better platforms to express their ideas. On the other hand, there will be other developers that will like working on the Wii better.

DS is the system that changed Nintendo.

Third parties excelling at Wii – Capcom. Exclusive review coming. Factor 5 would be a great dev for Wii.

Matt, Bozon would market Zack and Wiki by drawing parallels to game mascots like Mario and Sonic. Wii demo disc for a demo would be great, in-store demo kiosk would help to. Marketing will be tough due to title, character design, and gameplay.

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