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The Key to Success of a blog is Hard Work and Motivation

September 10, 2007

People who are successful work hard and they are motivated. Motivation is in your head, it can’t always be controlled but it determines how hard you work on something. When you are feeling happy about something you will have more motivation. When you lack all motivation somethings wrong and your mood is in the gutter. So what’s going to keep you motivated? Look below for the answers to that question.

Motivation: These goals will help you stay motivated and they are only the start of what can be done.

  1. Start out setting small goals for yourself, they will help you feel more confident about your abilities.
  2. After you start meeting most of those goals, explore your possibilities and set higher goals.
  3. Have a creative area, this could be a room in your house that keeps your creativity going.
  4. When you are feeling frustrated it is sometimes better to give up for a while than to go crazy about something you can’t do. Later on though you have to pick up, and finish so you get a sense of accomplishment.
  5. Look back to what you have done. How many goals have come through? How well are you doing? Are you motivated? Do this often.
  6. Keep a notebook to write down all ideas, it is too hard to remember them all. When you are out of ideas just look back to your notes, weather you think an idea is good or bad it usually can be made good.
  7. When are you most productive? When do you write down most in your notebook? Get into the groove of concentrating on your ideas during that time and write them down.
  8. Look at what’s happening around you. Look closely at nature, take a walk or have a nap. See what people around you are doing.
  9. If you follow these, odds are that you’ll be motivated and you will succeed at the task you have set ahead. Unless that task is too grand.

Written by Ian

Words: 365