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Wii will fade away, PS3 and Xbox 360 will win (or will it?)

August 19th, 2007 by nintenpro

Toss it up to great marketing on Nintendo’s part, I hope both Sony and Microsoft have taken notes. But it can’t run on marketing forever and eventually the antiquated graphics will get even more antiquated as time moves on and once 30% to 40% of the US population has an HDTV that could mark the end of the Wii right there. But, the PS3 and Xbox 360 have been future proofed what with those console’s HDMI outputs and 1080p capabilities allowing them to soldier on into the future leaving the poor Wii in the dust or collecting dust on a closet shelf.

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8 days till metroid

August 19th, 2007 by nintenpro

PS3 to outsell Xbox 360 for July

August 18th, 2007 by nintenpro

The prediction for North American hardware sales for the month of July are starting to come in. Michael Pachter believes that the PS3 will beat out the 360 this time around due to the price drop. Overall he sees the Wii at 330,000 units sold, the PS3 at 160,000, and the 360 at 115,000.

IGN: Wii-k in REVIEW

August 18th, 2007 by nintenpro

– They can’t say much about Metroid Prime 3, but clearly they’re very impressed. Been playing it pretty much non-stop. Contains scary portions. Very atmospheric.
– Bozon would love a Wii-fied collection of MP1+MP2 due to precision of the wiimote.
– Next week will provide blow-out coverage that will definitely please Metroid fans.
– Discuss plans for initial WiiWare titles (edutainment and puzzle games). Believe it’s suitable given the memory restrictions. But are frustrated by lack of a hard drive for Wii (eg: prevents Metroid Prime 3 demo).
– Medal of Honour Heroes 2 – concerned that it’ll be a port-up from PSP. Different dev team from Vanguard. Quite impressed by screens – big debate over whether they are using lots of AA. Devs seemed enthusiastic. No voice chat is disappointing given PSP version has it.
– Peer says 60fps FPS looks instantly more impressive, especially with great lighting and style – HINT TO METROID PRIME 3 if you didn’t realise.
– Boogie has lots of style but has very little substance. Controls don’t always work and aren’t much fun at all.
– Madden – lacking some features but still a better game of Madden than 07. Feel they may have overrated 07 (”launch-itis”). Has too many glitches and bugs, but core game is superior to last year. 360>PS2>Wii>PS3.
– Escape from Bug Island – struggled big time to find it, but finally did. Last generation design meets last generation graphics. Poor man’s Resident Evil with “not-scary bugs”. Don’t buy it.
– Pokemon Trainer in Super Smash Bros. Brawl – great choice – true to the Pokemon franchise. So much fan-service in the game.
– Tiger Woods comes the day after Metroid Prime 3. Controls are a little bit better than 07. Clearly still not impressed with EA’s efforts for the franchise on Wii.
– Dewy’s Adventure – they have it but haven’t had the time to play it much (due to Metroid Prime 3).
– Mercury Meltdown Revolution – comes out September 18th. $20 and worth it.
– MySims – have to put more time in it than they have so far. Looks a lot like Harvest Moon but better, great style. Noy clunky but natural. Really centres on character customization, building stuff, creating your own town and giving it your own style.
– Endless Ocean – Matt finds it fun, enjoying his experience (playing Jap version). Contains tons of exploration which he likes. Can use SD cards to play MP3 in the game – good idea since the new-age music is very repetitive. Can poke, rub and feed fish. Bozon finds it odd how you just bounce off fish when you touch them. Looks cool and really nice. Very calming. However, he wants more direction – hopes there is more to do. Want to explore more stuff like underwater caverns and ruins – haven’t had enough of that so far.
– Perrin Kaplan Nintendo Minute editorial – internal people read IGN’s article on lack of MP3 hype. Doing advertising but IGN don’t know in what form.
– Luminous Arc – 7.8. Doesn’t do anything amazing but solid stuff like FFT. Has online which is good.
– Madden 08 on DS has better online than the Wii version. Doesn’t have voice chat which is disappointing. Has bugs and glitches that bring it down. 7.4.
– Rune Factor – 8.4. Very nice hand-drawn art. Would probably give it higher but Rune Factory 2 is coming out. Bozon thinks it is superior to Mana.
– Peer has been playing Brain Age 2 – enjoying it.
– Bioshock – gorgeous, plays awesome, very fun and atmospheric. Feeling of walking in an underwater city is fantastic. So many ideas put into game, truly creates a unique world.
– Wouldn’t name a kid 2. Matt is leaning it to Number 3 instead of Number 1. Number 3 is a clean baby. Peer thinks Number 1 is like a new child, very fresh. Number 2 is somewhat old and boring. Number 3 is the prettiest child, much prettier with tons of bloom lighting. The best child of the 3.
– Leipzig coming up soon and will have some Wii stuff. Rockstar bringing Table Tennis and possibly other stuff. Nintendo going to be there showing off their wares. Manhunt 2 will not be there.
– Rate Bioshock very highly, hinted that they rate it around the same as Metroid Prime 3. Believe that it has the best chance of being GOTY right now, but not enough people have played Metroid which is also very awesome.
– Haven’t played Mario and Sonic at the Olympics. Don’t know how good it is yet. Comes out this holiday. Trying to get a copy but no luck yet. Should have Wii Sports appeal – should do well.
– Call of Duty 4 DS was nice. Should be excited for N-Space’s Wii projects. Some snickering when he says this.
– THQ Rainbow Studio’s game – ATV game. IGN has the exclusive in a few weeks.
– Peer thinks Super Monkey Ball got too high a score.
– Metroid Prime 3 shows the flaws in Metroid Prime 2 – looking back on it, Metroid Prime 2 should probably have been a couple of points lower, like 9.3.
– Mario Kart Wii will probably be more casual than some expect. Don’t know about any unannounced Nintendo-developed hardcore titles, but do know about Nintendo-published titles developed by other parties. Some games that were initially very hardcore are now less so – hardcore title list may be thinning out.
– Battalion Wars expected to be at Leipzig – should be a big title for them to show off.
– Matt has seen some pretty games recently – “games we’ve just got” (like Metroid Prime 3 – is really happy with its looks).
– Contemplate reasons for Galaxy’s superior visuals to other Wii titles – longer time with tech, the fact that the game’s set in small areas, etc. Go back to Gamecube assets because they’re working on true HD next-gen graphics. Bozon believes if there were Wii-dedicated studios (eg: like the Capcom RE4 team), would produce some great stuff.
– Matt thinks Animal Crossing will be coming out in 2008 and will be very similar to the DS/GCN versions. Expect it too look very similar with some Wii motion and some online components, but not as much as many would hope for.
– IGN don’t expect much in the way of MMO’s on Wii – not Nintendo’s vision.
– Metroid Prime 3 looks fantastic on a widescreen set. Would put it visuals right next to Galaxy.
– Next week embargo lifts – embargoed on certain levels. Will soon release videos that truly show the game’s visuals – much better than the compressed footage Nintendo is showing you. Will talk lots more about it in next week’s podcast.

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8 minutes in Metroid Prime 3 on YouTube

August 18th, 2007 by nintenpro

This is footage of 8 minute gameplay of Metroid Prime 3.  Looks Good!

The Simpsons Game Trailer

August 18th, 2007 by nintenpro

This looks pretty good, I hope it is.

Metroid Retrospective Part 4

August 18th, 2007 by nintenpro

Check out this Part four of Metroid Retrospective


August 18th, 2007 by nintenpro

Only 9 days

World of Warcraft on Consoles?

August 18th, 2007 by nintenpro

Today many have been rumoring WOW would be released on consoles later next year.  Some people thought it might be able to make money so they put out the rumor.  And Blizzard said it sticks to PC and Mac.

Wii shortage get a Wii quick

August 18th, 2007 by nintenpro

Nintendo has had to halt it’s plans to make more wii’s per month than it already does because of hardware shortages.  In related news hardware companies have been making millions off the wii.

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