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Stephen Colbert gets Simpsonized on Youtube

September 18, 2007

Stephen Colbert guest stars on the Simpson’s.  Here is a YouTube video showing it.  I will be watching this Simpson’s Episode.

Worst Jobs Ever

September 9, 2007

There are many bad jobs that have to be done.  You’d be surprised here are the top 5 worst jobs ever.

Chocolate tasterWhile this seems like a dream job, in reality it’s like meeting your idol and discovering they’re actually a horrible person. The first couple of days on the job are probably bliss, but after a while you would never want to see the stuff again. Dropping a few chocolate pounds would be nice, but a life without this sweet, sweet substance wouldn’t really be worth living

Cat Food Quality Controller

Even the most hardcore of cat lovers would struggle with this job. Responsibilities include groping through large vats of the stuff to take out the bony bits, smearing the kitty cuisine around on a flat surface to test the gristle level, and finally, giving an in-depth sniffing inspection to determine freshness

PA to a Demanding Diva

Job security is a priority for most of us, so why anyone would choose a job where they could be fired at the drop of a Jimmy Choo because Madame’s low-fat, low-carb, mochaccino doesn’t have enough locally sourced, Fair Trade, organic whipped cream is beyond us

Slaughterhouse Worker

If medieval torture is your thing, a career in the slaughterhouse industry may be for you. Along with the boiler suit and wellies worn to protect you from flying animal bits, slaughterhouse assembly workers also wear chain mail to stop them being injured by the big knives wielded on animal carcasses at an astonishing speed. And if you think their job is bad, try being the person who cleans up when they’re done

Beauty Therapist 

Whoever said getting pretty is an ugly business is right. While this job has many lovely aspects, such as creating blushing brides or boosting many a woman’s (or man’s) confidence, there is also a seamy underbelly, or underarm, rather. Waxing hairy gorilla backs and women’s intimate bits can’t be the most pleasant of experiences, especially if a client is, shall we say, less than hygienic

Viacom putting The Daily Show online for Free

September 8, 2007

This is a great move for Viacom they are putting The Daily Show with Jon Stewart online for free.  I expect it will have many ads but it is a step in the right direction.  Viacom must realize that TV and the internet will one day be one.  It is too bad the Colbert Report isn’t being put on the internet, or on YouTube.  Viacom needs to partner with YouTube and provide access to their tv series as long as they get 50% of the profit YouTube makes on them.  Although Viacom has it’s own media player it is choked full of ads and it just can’t beat YouTube.  By putting shows on a quality site like YouTube it shows that they are trying to move on to the internet.

Dane Cook Shorties Hilarious

September 8, 2007

The animation and Dane Cook go great together, it’s hilarious.

August Best 2 games

September 3, 2007

Of course it’s Metroid Prime 3 second after Bioshock.

#1 Bioshock: Bioshock is a brand new experience a shocking one.  Much of the game is based on atmosphere which the formidable Xbox 360 dishes out and a shooting experience.  I would say Bioshock is as good as it is not because it is a good shooter but because it is good art.  By the way in Bioshock you can use many different weapons as well as magic.

#2 Metroid Prime 3 Corruption:  Metroid Prime 3 is now the best wii game out shadowing Zelda Twilight Princess.  The game is now based on different planets and Samus can use her ship to move around the planets and areas on those planets.  The game has voice acting in all over a first for the metroid franchise.  The biggest change is the controls, the wii is able to offer controls superior to xbox and ps3 and nearly as good as PC.  The game has great design and is well balanced.  Many parts are all about shooting others have none at all and solving puzzles is what you need to do.  Samus also has new abilities such as hyper mode where she can use a pack on her back filled with phazon to “Corrupt herself” sort of like in bioshock it makes her attacks and health more powerful.  The game is the best of the franchise but many parts will feel too familiar to Metroid fans.


I tried not to spoil the stories in each game.


Bioshock is set in an under water city called Rapture.

Metroid Prime 3 is set in Galactic Federation space on a federation ship, planet, space pirate homeworld and many more.

Two great games.

Comedy Now: Waiter Skit

September 3, 2007

This is about Dylan Mandlsohn’s job as a waiter at a Chinese Food Restaurant.

I love his expression near the end.

Comedy Now: The Devil

September 3, 2007

This is a hilarious skit about how the devil is so accepting

its the comedy of

Dylan Mandlsohn

Comedy Now: Hilarious teachers college

September 3, 2007

This is hilarious I was watching it on the comedy network last night

UToob: Famous People impressions and Sienfeld Impressions

September 1, 2007


uToob: Coolest game ever on YouTube

August 27, 2007

This is Super Mario Galaxy for the Nintendo Wii